Privacy Tech: Glitch The Matrix Workshop By WILLPOWER
Calçada do Moinho de Vento, 14B, 1150-236 Lisboa
06:00 PM
Privacy Tech: Glitch The Matrix Workshop By WILLPOWER

Introduction to protecting one’s personal life and data from apps, operating systems and more.


Why are they collecting our data ? Why is our personal life so valuable to them ? Do you want to share your personal data about your private life ? Who is listening to your converations ? How far will it go ? How will it affect our future ? How deep does the rabbit hole go ?


This Playshop is a good introduction to make immediate changes in your digital life.


Come ready to take a step towards owning more of your private data and gain understanding to take action.

The Power Is You.

WILLPOWER is a New Media Artist, Performer and Spiritual Creative Technologist using light, sound and other invisible forces to transcend the simulatrix.



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