Soft ChatGPT skills, anyone?
SITIO Sete Rios - Praça Nuno Rodrigues dos Santos 7, 1600-171 Lisboa
11:30 AM
Soft ChatGPT skills, anyone?

The Unicorn Week is all about exploring new frontiers and making some friends along the way. In this spirit, SITIO has invited Elham P. Mohammadi, a seasoned journalist and tech editor, to share some of her tricks to make the most of your writing skills with AI support.


In this workshop, you’ll have exclusive access to an insightful exploration into maximizing ChatGPT’s potential while avoiding common pitfalls. The agenda will cover key topics:


ChatGPT and FOMO: Learn why fixating on the latest ChatGPT features can hinder creativity and productivity, drawing parallels to Jim Collin’s “hedgehog concept” of focused excellence;


Identifying AI content: Discover telltale signs that reveal AI-generated content, from repetitive phrases to preferred writing styles; Avoiding rookie mistakes: Gain insights on leveraging ChatGPT effectively, including strategies for generating diverse content and utilizing AI editing tools;


The power of AI editors: Explore why a complementary AI editor like InstaText can enhance content quality more effectively than traditional tools; Shifting roles in content creation: Understand the evolving role of content managers in the AI era and why effective content management is paramount;


Optimizing ChatGPT usage: Uncover simple yet effective techniques for improving ChatGPT output, from enhancing human-like language to minimizing errors;


Strategic application of ChatGPT: Delve into the nuanced decision-making process behind when to utilize ChatGPT and when to rely on traditional writing methods, considering factors like audience, platform, and purpose.


This session will conclude with an interactive Q&A session to address any lingering queries and foster further discussion. Join us to refine your approach to AI-powered content creation!

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