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All about European Grants!

Join us on May 15th at 11 am for a webinar that will demystify the world of European funding.   Hosted by in the field, this webinar aims to provide invaluable insights into navigating the complex landscape of European funds, particularly tailored for the EIC Accelerator for innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses seeking financial support […]

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Coworking Thursdays

Tired of working from home? Need a place to run your meetings?   At Coworking Thursdays, every week we gather in a different location across Lisbon to meet entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and of course – to work and network.      

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THE IMAGINATION RENAISSANCE: Digital Artists & the Age of New Ideas

Do digital artists hold the key to re-igniting our imaginations? What separates invention & reinvention… recycling & repetition? Listen in to our panel as they discuss how the “imagination” has evolved in the digital world and where it will go in the 21st century ahead. ​   Are the new tools of the digital world […]

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Ser empreendedor em Energias Renováveis

Cada cidadão pode ser um empreendedor na área da produção de energias renováveis.   Venha connosco subir a um “telhado solar” na Alta de Lisboa e saber como instalar uma unidade de produção para autoconsumo coletivo no seu prédio, ou criar uma comunidade de energias renováveis com os seus vizinhos.   Visita e sessão de […]

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Game Break | May 2024

Game Break is a gathering designed to unite aspiring and seasoned game developers, artists, designers, programmers, and gaming enthusiasts.   This vibrant event serves as a collaborative platform where individuals passionate about game development can come together to share their games, exchange experiences and explore ideas in the gaming industry.  

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Web3 Splash #8: From Web2 to Web3 – Crafting the Future with Match Chain

Summer is arriving, and the Web3 Splash is back with another great evening of exploration into the world of Web3! This time, with a focus on Match Chain, a project that has been a member of Poolside Hub in Lisbon since it’s very beginning. ​   During this session, Petrix Barbosa, CEO of Match Chain, […]

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Web3 Hub Official Launch & Party | Web3hub Launch

​Lisboa was distinguished in 2023 as the European Capital of Innovation. By right and merit, the city saw its strategy, ambition, and work in promoting and consolidating its entrepreneurship and innovation community recognized by community institutions. The celebration of this award is therefore the unavoidable theme of the 13th edition of Lisboa Unicorn Week.   […]

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Creating a Leading Web3 Community in Lisbon | Web3hub Launch

Swing by Poolside Hub, your home of Web3 in Lisbon, for yet another lively roundtable that will bring together a mix of thinkers, creators, and movers from Lisbon’s Web3 scene to brainstorm on setting up the ultimate Web3 community in our city.   As Lisbon consolidates its position as a tech hotspot, we’ll discuss innovative […]

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Why Web3 for Entrepreneurship? Pros & Cons | Web3hub Launch

​Join us at Poolside Hub, your home of Web3 in Lisbon, for an engaging roundtable discussion. We’re gathering a diverse mix of industry leaders and pioneers to dive into the opportunities and hurdles of launching Web3 startups.   As Lisbon strengthens its reputation as a tech hotspot, our discussion will unpack how blockchain technologies are […]

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