Let’s find the Unicorn



Prio Energy

The largest producer of biofuels in Portugal and one of the largest European producers of biodiesel from waste raw materials

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Quadrantis Capital

VC that target markets where experience and in-depth knowledge allows to deliver value-added returns to our stakeholders

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Santander Consumer Finance

Santander InnoVentures is Banco Santander’s $200m corporate venture arm. Investments across all stages

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Banco Português de Fomento

Banco Português de Fomento creates solutions for competitiveness and innovation, which promote sustainability and the country’s economic and social development.

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StableNode is a Node Validator and Venture Capital fund for early-stage blockchain companies.

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VNTR Capital

Syndicate and investors community focusing on investments into fast-growing startups from Series B+ to Pre-IPO rounds.

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Business Plug

Businessplug is delivering Next Generation Web3 Business Transformation Services to Corporate Organizations.

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Investors with a long term perspective in a diverse portfolio of assets

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Reference financiers for Portuguese SMEs and one of the largest investment communities in Portugal.

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