Let’s find the Unicorn



Better Incubation

The initiative mobilizes and empowers business support organizations and investors for impact to grow their capacities and expand their reach to inclusive and social entrepreneurship, helping potential and existing social entrepreneurs from under-represented groups to access financial tools and grow their businesses.

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SOL (Smart Open Lisboa)

Smart cities are urban areas that use IoT to efficiently manage all resources. Smart Open Lisboa covers the different focus areas, bringing innovation to the city through the most innovative solutions.

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SIBS Forward Payment Solutions

With the SIBS Instant Payments solution, Portugal will have access to an even faster payment infrastructure adapted to the needs of national banks.

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Scaling Up by Unicorn Factory

Accelerator programme for scaleups.

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Protechting (Fidelidade & Fosun)

Protechting is a dynamic open innovation programme jointly led by Fosun, Fidelidade, Hospital da Luz Learning Health and powered by Fábrica de Startups.

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Accelerator programme for those interested in Lean Startup, Customer Development, Product Management, Product Discovery, Design Thinking and Service Design. Productised is at the intersection of digital and physical products.

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Novartis Farma

Techcare Accelerator, with e-health programme.

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Nova SBE Haddad Entrepreneurship Institute

Institute that aims to foster and support the entrepreneurial spirit.

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Lisbon Data Science

A group of data scientists and volunteers, from all kinds of organisations, who love teaching and spreading the knowledge of data science and its fantastic uses! The Academy is non-profit and all fees are reinvested in the programme to continuously improve it.

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