Let’s find the Unicorn



Protechting (Fidelidade & Fosun)

Protechting is a dynamic open innovation programme jointly led by Fosun, Fidelidade, Hospital da Luz Learning Health and powered by Fábrica de Startups.

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Accelerator programme for those interested in Lean Startup, Customer Development, Product Management, Product Discovery, Design Thinking and Service Design. Productised is at the intersection of digital and physical products.

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Novartis Farma

Techcare Accelerator, with e-health programme.

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Nova SBE Haddad Entrepreneurship Institute

Institute that aims to foster and support the entrepreneurial spirit.

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Lisbon Data Science

A group of data scientists and volunteers, from all kinds of organisations, who love teaching and spreading the knowledge of data science and its fantastic uses! The Academy is non-profit […]

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SoTecIn Factory

The initiative connects industry and technology providers to the community of mission-based social innovators. The project offers a 3.3 million EUR equity-free fund and capacity-building support to social innovations that […]

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Rise for Impact

Acceleration programme aimed at projects in the development and validation phase of the idea, product or service and/or business model, which promote innovative solutions to solve social problems and needs, […]

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Born from Knowledge

Programme promoted by ANI, which aims to promote a culture of valuing scientific and technological knowledge in Portugal.

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Blue Bio Value

Blue Bio Value is an Oceano Azul Foundation & Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation project.

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