Let’s find the Unicorn



Mustard Seed MAZE

Invests in fast-growing European companies with global potential.

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Lince Capital

Lince Capital, SCR, S.A. is an independent venture capital company, registered and regulated by the Portuguese Securities Market Commission.

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M4 Ventures

M4 Ventures helps startups to grow and expand globally through experience and hands-on collaboration.

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Newzone Ventures

Newzone Ventures is a early stage European venture capital fund partnering with globally minded founders.

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Fast Track Ventures

Investments in early stage technology companies led by outstanding entrepreneurs who are looking for a seed investment up to 1M EUR.

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Matching Fund that promotes co-investment in high-potential startups in Portugal through national private co-investors.

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EDP Ventures

EDP venture capital, investing in early-stage tech startups working in the energy sector.

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Delta Ventures

Venture capital firm in early stage of investment.

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Public company, a venture capital fund manager, dedicated to supporting the development of innovative and competitive projects

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