Let’s find the Unicorn



Cowork Montijo

Modern workspace, which offers multiple services, whether in person or virtually.

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Avila Spaces Av. República

Coworking space with virtual offices and business rooms.

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Centro Inovação Social – Cowork Lowcost

The Social Innovation Center is a non-profit space for the development of multi-area projects. For People, Startups and Non-Profit Organizations.

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Hangar Cowork

Hangar Cowork was designed to be a shared common space for artists, researchers, creatives, musicians, performers, freelancers.

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Coworking space for small businesses and freelancers.

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Área 44

Coworking space where you can rent a desk, have access to a meeting room, kitchen area and other services. Computer courses.

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Maleo Oriente

Simple and flexible office solutions. Workspaces for businesses of all sizes, which adapt according to the needs and size of the team.

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Coworking & Events Space in Lisbon and Porto.

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Lobo Estoril

There are two coworking spaces: Lobo Estoril and Lobo São João. These spaces were designed and conceived to be welcoming offices, where you can feel at home while working.

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